A Buying Guide for Lehi Mills Just Add Water Pancake Mix

Did you know the world's largest pancake weighed more than an average-sized hippo? Measuring over 49 feet and weighing 6614 pounds, the world's biggest pancake was made in Manchester, England. In case you were curious, to be eligible for consideration, you had to be able to flip the pancake. 

Pancakes have been around since before the dawn of time. The first pancakes were called Alita Dolcia – Latin for "another sweet" – and were made by Romans in the 1st Century AD. 

Ever since then, almost every American has flipped a pancake at least once in their life. If you haven't, you're going to want to by the end of this blog. 

Sunday morning pancakes just got a lot quicker with Lehi Mills perfect add water pancake mix. That’s literally all you need – water. 

Lehi Mills' new range of just add water pancake mixes is sure to be a hit with the family. Read our buying guide to learn more about the perfect mixes you need to make them. 

Our Story

Lehi Mills prides itself on being a small, family-run mill. They work with local farmers, handpicking every single batch of wheat. 

Why go to all that effort? it ensures the highest possible quality flour – and better quality flour means a better flavor. 

But, Lehi Mills is more than just a mill. It's a community landmark, historic place, and even a former movie set (we're looking at you, Kevin Bacon)! 

Now, we're focusing on producing small batch baking mixes made with hand-selected wheat. Our premium flour is full of hearty, wholesome grains, and freshly ground in small batches. 

 Whether you’re making a stack of light, fluffy pancakes, a tray of cookies, or a batch of muffins, Lehi Mills Flour makes everything taste better. For more than 100 years, bakers have trusted our flour for a single reason – better quality.

Our New Pancake Mix Add Water Range

Our small batch just add water pancake products are made with natural flavor and, of course, our premium hand-selected wheat. 

Check out our latest mixes to help you create the perfect pancakes for you and your family. 

Classic Pancake Mix 2 LB

Our best-selling Classic Pancake Mix will serve up the most mouth-watering pancakes you'll ever taste. 

Heat your griddle and watch the magic happen! For added decadence, toss a few chocolate chips in the batter or fresh fruit! Each bite will fill your mouth with chocolatey goodness or fruity tartness.

We’re positive it’ll be nearly impossible to enjoy only one (or two)! Don't worry, we won't tell. 

Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2 LB

Do you enjoy pancakes that are slightly more fluffy and airy? 

We sure do, which is why our Buttermilk Pancake Mix is one of our best-selling just add water pancake mixes. Naturally, it is made with hand-selected wheat milled right at our mill. 

Not only does buttermilk provide a tangy flavor, but it also helps activate the baking soda in the batter. This is what makes your pancakes so light and fluffy. 

Talk about a perfect morning!

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2 LB

Blueberries are the king of antioxidant foods. They're also high in potassium and vitamin C. Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease, but they are also anti-inflammatory. 

So, why not add them to your buttermilk pancakes? 

For a tart and sweet combination, try Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Our pancake mix cooks up the right amount of crunch and the perfect pillowy texture on the inside. 

Raspberry Buttermilk Pancake Mix 2 LB

Raspberries are low in calories, but high in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, they're outright delicious! 

Our Raspberry Buttermilk Pancake Mix cooks perfectly fluffy and deliciously tart pancakes every time. Plus, they look beautiful when cooked too. They are the perfect option for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or even an after-school snack. 

There's never been a more satisfying way to serve breakfast. 

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Our Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes are made with 100% light, finely milled whole wheat flour and taste delicious. 

They're a healthier option for breakfast, brunch, or even lunch. You'll be surprised how delicious, flavorful, and fluffy they are!

For best results, mix 3/4 of a cup of our special mix with 2/3 of a cup of water. Stir with a fork until slightly lumpy. 

Cook thoroughly before consuming. 

Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix

Vegans, rejoice! Our Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix was made just for you!

Made only with plant-based ingredients, your pancakes will taste as good as regular pancakes (maybe even better)! It’s an eggless and dairy-free mix with zero compromises! 

Our tip? Top your pancakes with diced apples and delicious coconut whipped cream - check out the Vegan Apple Pie Pancakes with Coconut Whipped Cream recipe.

Belgian Waffle Mix 2 LB

Okay, okay, we know, they're not pancakes. But as the unofficial cousins of pancakes, they get an honorable mention. 

Our Belgian Waffle Mix will give you a waffle with a crispy exterior and a light and fluffy center.

If you want to add some extra decadence to your waffles, add melted cookie butter into your mixture. Fold gently until the spread is marbled in the waffle batter. 

Cook until the waffles are golden and crispy. Top with crushed cookies, more melted cookie butter, and sliced strawberries. 

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself. 

Whole Wheat Waffle Mix

Our Whole Wheat Waffle Mix makes eating pancakes healthy, delicious, and easy. Made with 29g of whole grains per serving, these nutritious waffles will keep you satisfied for the day ahead. 

Top with seasonal sliced fruits and a dollop of your favorite greek or low-fat yogurt. After your first bite, you'll wonder why you didn't try them sooner! 

Five Reasons Why We Love Pancakes 

We probably don't need to tell you why you love pancakes, but it's fun to know anyway. Here are five reasons why we can't get enough of the fluffy, tasty treat. 

1. You Can Top Them With Anything

Syrup, fresh fruit, whipped cream, Nutella, banana, lemon, sugar, ice cream... bacon? You want it? You top it! 

2. It Cooks in Less Than a Minute 

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but they're quicker to cook than most breakfast foods. 

3. It's Healthy (Kind Of)

It's healthy-ish. Whole-wheat pancakes contain fiber, which can help your blood sugar level. Plus, you will get around 3mg of iron.

So, yeah, they are healthy. 

4. You Can Eat It All-Day

Forget all that talk about eating pancakes for breakfast only. Eat it for lunch, dinner, midnight snack, 2 am snack – no one is going to judge you. 

5. And Eat It in So Many Different Ways

Roll 'em, stack 'em, fold 'em, or eat 'em straight out of the griddle. The only limit is your imagination. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Pancakes 

A breakfast that features pancakes is a breakfast worth eating. From a stack of thick and fluffy buttermilk pancakes to a nutritious, hearty stack of whole wheat pancakes – you can't go wrong with a plate of pancake goodness. 

The key to perfectly cooked pancakes comes down to technique. Here are some tips for getting your pancakes done right and how to avoid some common mistakes

Over-mixing the Batter

One of the most common mistakes the rookie pancake-connoisseur is guilty of is overmixing the pancake batter in an attempt to get rid of those pesky lumps of flour. It's not your fault, the perfectionist in you just can't resist. 

But, believe us when we say you want some lumps in your pancake batter! *Gasp*

We know. When mixing wet and dry ingredients, gluten starts to develop. The more you mix, the more the gluten develops. 

The result? Tough and chewy pancakes. Not ideal. 

Our tip? Mix the batter until the wet and the dry ingredients are combined. And those little floury lumps? Keep 'em. 

Not Resting the Batter

When you wake up, you're already starving, right? The thought of waiting an extra five to ten minutes for your batter to rest sounds like pure torture! 

But, it's worth it. Trust us. 

Resting your pancake mix offers two benefits. One, the activated gluten rests and relaxes.

Two, the starch molecules in the flour absorb the liquid in the batter. This gives it a thicker consistency and a fluffier texture. 

This is especially true for our buttermilk pancake products! Don’t believe us? Try it out and see how the fluffy pancakes nearly double in size!

Started Without a Hot-Enough Pan

The best pancake has a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. If your pancakes don't look like this, your pan or griddle might be too cold. Starting with a cold pan is a pancake no-no.

When the pan isn't hot enough, your pancakes won't form that crisp exterior. Instead, they'll soak up the butter or oil and become very greasy.

As a tip, let your pan heat up before adding the butter or oil. You don't want the butter or oil to splatter and burn. If you're unsure, make a test pancake – the first one is always a dud anyway! 

Setting the Heat Too High

Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Well, it's the same with pancakes. You want to cook them "just right". That means not having the pan or griddle too hot or too cold. 

A hot pan doesn't cook your pancakes quicker. It will burn them on the outside and leave them uncooked on the inside. Again, not ideal. 

The pan must be hot, but not too hot. For a well-cooked pancake with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior, keep the heat set the medium. And, don't touch it! 

Flipping Pancakes Too Soon and Too Often

We've all been guilty of this! You're hungry and they seem like they're taking forever to cook, so you flip it and hope for the best. 

If you can, try and give it another minute or so. Wait for the bubbles, then wait a touch longer. Then, flip! 

And you should only flip once. As long as you didn't flip them too early, there's no need to flip them again. Continuous flipping can deflate your pancakes and lose some of that delicious fluffy texture. 

Your Guide to Lehi Mills Just Add Water Pancake Mix

It's no secret, Americans love pancakes! Whether you eat them stacked, folded, or rolled up, it doesn't matter – there's a pancake combo for everyone. 

If you didn't know already, they're also the perfect breakfast option on a lazy Sunday morning. And with so many topping options, the sky is the limit!

In the past, you had to make the batter from scratch. That meant waking up well before the rest of your family to slave away in the kitchen. And on a Sunday morning (or any day, really), that's not right! 

Pancake mixes have changed the world for the better. If you’re looking for the best add water pancake mix on the market, choose Lehi Mills. Our just add water pancake mix is here to make your life easier (and tastier)!

All you need to do is mix, cook, and eat. The hardest part is choosing which just add water pancake mixes are perfect for you and your family to try! 

Visit our Lehi Mills store or shop online today! 

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