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Phenomenal Flour

I started buying this at Costco a couple years ago and suddenly got really good at baking bread. Now my only problem is that I don’t know if I’m just good at baking bread or if it’s the flour

Size of package

The packages are too small . We really enjoy the cerial

Cranberry Orange Scone Mix
Kathleen Douglas

One of the best scones I ever made, they are so good I ordered more and my neighbors and my mail carrier loved them. If you are smart buy the product and make them.

Love the blueberry pancake mix!!

Best cookie mix ever!!!

Live out of state and was given some of Lehi mixes as a gift and fell in love. Easy to use and taste amazing. Family loves how these cookies taste and bake up so perfectly every time.

Whole Wheat Flour
Sandra Paige
Lehi Mills Flours

We just moved from Utah to South Carolina. I missed Lehi Mills flours so much that I ordered 75 lbs. be shipped to our home. It’s the best!

My favorite flour!

I get the Peacock flour as often as I can when visiting UT from AZ, but it had been way too long! It arrived perfectly with no spills. I will order again and again if I can’t get some in person!

Loved it!!

Easy, quick, delicious!

So Yummy

First time I ever used this mix. So easy to make. Gave them to my neighbor. They were a great hit!

Artisan Baking Flour
Robert Leacock

This is the best flour I know for my sourdough bread.

Classic Pancake Mix
Clay Butler

Enjoyed them very much.

Belgian Waffle Mix
Clay Butler
Broken Waffle Maker

Unfortunately have not made any my waffle maker broke!!!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Stephanie Hauschildt
Best cookies!

They are a hit in our home! Best chocolate chip cookies!

My family all think it is the best pancakes they have ever eaten. I agree!

The pancakes have great flavor and are easy to mix. We will be ordering more.

So good!

These are my family’s favorite! We buy them in bulk now!

My family loved them

They have become my family's favorite cookie with Pumpkin Chocolate chip being a very close second. I will have to try the chocolate chip cookie mix to find out where they will be in the deliciousness lineup.

Great for Sourdough

This flour worked well for both recipes of sourdough allowing enough gluten/protein for a good rise.

Lemon Muffin Mix
Sharlae Lund
Lemon muffins are delicious

My family recently tried the new lemon muffin mix from lehi mills and loved it. The lemon muffins were light and fluffy with just the right amount of lemon flavor. This is something that we would enjoy buying again in the future.

Blueberry Muffin Mix
Ginger E Pickering
Great taste

Easy muffins for your morning coffee or tea, in my case. They’re fluffy and light.


Very easy to make and great flavor.

Great cookies and so easy!

Great cookies and so easy! I take this on vacation because all I have to do is add a few very common ingredients. I also keep it mixed up and sealed in the refrigerator so that I can make fresh, warm cookies anytime I like! I do have a question: Where can I buy pumpkin in 8 ounce cans? This is the only complaint I have. Can you either make a mix that uses the full 15 ounce standard size can of pumpkin or tell me where I can find 8 ounce cans of pumpkin.

Belgian Waffle Mix
Bren Rogers
The only kind I like

I’ve made family waffles for years and make myself anything else because I didn’t like waffles, the grainy texture, hard outer layer and bland bread taste. These waffles have eating a piece of waffle. The waffles are smooth, not prone to stiffness and sweet. These Lehi Mills waffles are a comforting breakfast item.

I purchased these for a clamping trip b/c I hadn’t tried them and because it was a small box. I went to the website to buy more products because I liked the waffles. I wish I could get the mix in bulk.

This is our favorite pancake mix

Bread Flour

I made bread with the unbleached bread flour that I recently purchased and my bread turned out better than it ever has. I usually just use an unbleached all purpose flour, but after using this bread flour I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to all purpose for my bread. My bread raised and baked up higher and was a little bit lighter (less dense). My family (5 of us) ate 5 loaves of bread in 2 ½ days! Yum!

Rubber Spatula
Angela Schreck
Like the Lehi Mills logo on the wood

This is decent quality I disliked the dry wood feel but I’m weird and have a cringy thing with dry wood but the quality is nice and the stamped logo is cool .

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