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Maple & Brown Sugar Germade
Delores Christensen

We love Lehi Roller Mills products! The germade is one of our favorites!


I love this flour! It is the only flour I use for bread. I have been a loyal customer for 20 years!!!

I live in Kansas so I have to figure out a great way get it to the Midwest!!!

Please consider putting your flour in our local Costco!!!

Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Loni Carlisle
Life changing Buttermilk Pancakes!

These have got to be the best pancake mix pancakes ever! And just add water?! Insane that is all it needs from my end and it turns out so good. Whenever I have a crowd over this is my go to for brekky and it never fails, someone always asks for the recipe. They are that good!

Loved it!

Bought a St. Paddy's set for each set of grandkids (4 sets). One has made the cookies and loved the small cookie cutter so everyone has cookies to decorate. (5 children in that set.) She was able to get more cookies out of the dough than suggested and doubled the frosting recipe. Looked more like frosting than cookies but the kids had a blast. Since I paid for shipping, I added two 2 pound mixes to save for general conference. (Shipping was the same price for 1 St. Patrick kit as it was for 1 St. Patrick kit plus two 2 pound muffin mixes.) That way I didn't need to mail anything for Conference/Easter. Growing up I always made muffins to eat while we watched gen. conference so I'm continuing that tradition through my kids. Loved the kit!

Double Fudge Brownie
Mary Jo Matthews

Double Fudge Brownie

Raspberry Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Sourdough Bread Mix
Shelley Keetch

It was a little tart

The cookies were absolutely delicious!
I loved the milk chocolate chips for a change.

St. Patrick's Day Gift Set

So glad they are back

Please don't ever quit using colorful sacks on your products !

Love It!

I love the Strawberries & Cream Germade! The flavor is perfect and the consistency is warm and comforting. A delicious breakfast food!


Since I'd had this before, it's yummy as ever. Also purchased the Maple & Brown sugar & I LOVE it!!

Love the cereal, creamy good on cold mornings

Whole Wheat Flour
Paul Overson
Great flour!!

Great price and quick shipment!!

Delicious ! Family loves it!!

No starter, no problem

I’ve always wanted to make sourdough but didn’t know where to get a starter or how to keep it alive.. now I don’t have to! For a fraction of the time AND effort spent, I can now have a fresh sourdough loaf anytime I want and the best part is, it’s as easy as it is delicious!

Buttermilk Pancake Mix
Veronica Wheeler
New Family Favorite

We love the buttermilk pancake mix because we can customize it to our liking or leave it plain. We also purchased the peach syrup and used it on this mix. Heavenly.

This is a good Turkey!

I make Kneadless sourdough bread using your bread flours. I started with Turkey several years ago and liked it. Just to see I then tried Peacock and then the Organic bread flour they both worked fine. But I decided to go back to Turkey and will probably stick with it. We also used all three of these flours for making great sourdough pancakes and waffles.

Maple Cream Syrup
Angela Schreck
So Delicious

This is so wonderfully made …just like grandma’s kinda taste. It takes me back, I am so happy to find this. Our new household favorite.

I started baking sourdough bread during the Pandemic and have continued using the Turkey bread flour to make great loaves.

Great muffins


This hot cereal is delicious! The perfect combination off chocolate and hazelnuts. We sometimes add a spoonful of raspberry preserves, too. My teens it 🥰


I missed out on the Valentine's one and I ran to buy this tray! Can't wait to have a fun St. Patricks day!

Lemon Muffin Mix
Becky Mozley
Lemon Bread

It was wonderful

Delicious! I add raisins and almonds for something extra.

Delicious! I add craisins and almonds for something extra.