At Lehi Mills we mill wheat, so unfortunately there is no way to produce
gluten-free flour or mixes within our facility. We would need to have a
separate facility and equipment to produce these products.

Yes, we are.

Peacock All Purpose: 10-11.5%

Turkey Bread (bleached and unbleached): 11.5-12.75%

Whole Wheat: minimum of 12.5%

Certified Organic: 11.2-12.5%

Artisan: 11.5-12.75%

Our bread flour has a higher protein content which provides a higher
gluten content. The higher the gluten content, the better the airiness
within your baked goods.

No, our flour does not contain potassium bromate. Unbromated flour is
not only a safer and healthier choice, but also contains a higher
protein content. The higher protein allows the flour to develop more
gluten which results in a more stable baked product.

No, we are exclusively a hard wheat mill.

Our wheat is grown within a 300-mile radius of the Mill. We’ve been receiving wheat from many of our farmers for generations.

This is a very uncommon practice throughout the United
States for wheat growers to use glyphosate in a pre-harvest application.
The growers that Lehi Mills buys wheat from have assured us that they
do not apply glyphosate at harvest. For more details on how growers use
glyphosate please see the link below:

You can purchase our 45 lb. buckets of hard wheat exclusively through Costco along the Wasatch Front.

We are unable to offer tours to the general public at this time, but be
sure to follow our social channels for sneak peeks of the inside
workings of the Mill.


Unfortunately, we are unable to ship outside the Contiguous United States at this time.

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes at this time.

You can place an order here on our website at Please note
we are unfortunately unable to take phone orders or ship out from our
retail store in Lehi, UT.