100 Years of Milling Mastery

Quality is always our first ingredient... and that will never change.

A lot has changed in the past 100 years. And Lehi Mills has mastered the challenge of staying true to one’s values in the face of that change.

What Happened to the Wheat?

Lehi Roller Mills history

Small family-run mills were the standard in America from the 17th century till the early 1900s. From the 1950s on, there were massive changes in grain growing and the flour milling industry. Hybrid wheat varieties yielded more, and factory farms rapidly became the norm. More is better, right? Not always. The new wheat varieties resulted in much lower quality flour that compromised the taste and the texture of the baked goods it delivered.

During these changing times, Lehi Mills remained true to ingredient quality and focused on solving the problem by working with the farmers to develop a wheat variety that retained high baking quality (light, fluffy texture), while still increasing farmers’ yields.

Quality ingredients build lasting memories

How do you know if the mix you’re buying is using quality flour? Wheat milling is both an art and a science. The challenge for every miller is to identify, separate, and refine the usable elements of the kernel to meet exact specifications for each baked good. 

We know our wheat because we developed and maintained close relationships with our farmers, their land, and the wheat they grow. We thoroughly inspect each harvest to ensure the ingredients meet our exacting quality standards. We continue to train our entire company on the deep knowledge of farming, grain quality, and the milling process. That’s what comes with 100 Years of Milling Mastery.


What does our commitment mean for you? Consistently delicious results your friends and family will crave.

Hand-Selected Wheat for Premium Flour

Whether you’re baking a stack of light, fluffy pancakes, a pan of muffins or dessert, start with Premium Flour. For more than 100 years, bakers have trusted our flour for a single reason: It’ll rise when and how you want. Every time.

Hearty, wholesome grains


Freshly ground in small batches

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