History of Harvest to Home

You might've noticed us using our new hashtag #HarvestToHome on some of our recent Instagram posts lately! Here's a little Harvest to Home History.

We take pride in the quality of our products. That's why we oversee our wheat from planting to milling to production; we are with the wheat each step of the way.

Harvest to Home

We work with local farmers to grow the best wheat possible. We've been working with some of them for over three generations. All of the wheat that we use is grown within 300 miles of the mill. If our wheat doesn't meet our quality standards, we won't mill it! We have actually turned away trucks of wheat because of our commitment to quality.

After the wheat comes in from the fields, we take it through an extensive cleaning process to make sure we make nice and clean flour! Then, the wheat tempers, which means that it sits in water and softens the outer shell. After that, it goes through the milling process, breaking, sifting, and even more refinement. Once our flour is a soft and fluffy texture, we package it on site in our warehouse. We do all of this ourselves, so we are able to oversee the process every step of the way. This way, we can control the quality of our product and know exactly what's happening to it!

After our products are produced and packaged, they're put on the shelves of our store or sent to your local grocery store. When you buy a Lehi Mills product, you know you're getting a high-quality product that is made with love and care from harvest to home.

A Quick History Lesson

The mill has stood as a historic symbol of Utah Valley for the past century. In 1906, Lehi, Utah was hardly more than farmland. Today, the mill stands just off of I-15 in Lehi, Utah, and many local Utah residents recognize the mill as a landmark of Utah’s rural past.

Small family-run mills were the standard in America from the 17th century till the early 1900s. From the 1950s on, there were massive changes in grain growing and the flour milling industry. Hybrid wheat varieties yielded more, and factory farms rapidly became the norm. The new wheat varieties resulted in much lower quality flour that compromised the taste and the texture of the baked goods it delivered.

Harvest to Home is so important to us. Lehi Mills has stayed true to the values, processes, and techniques that were passed down since 1906. We want to keep the traditions of those who came before us alive. So when you see #HarvestToHome, remember that quality is always our first ingredient!

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