Cracked Wheat Germade
Cracked Wheat Germade
Cracked Wheat Germade

Cracked Wheat Germade

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Lehi Mills Cracked Wheat Germade cereal acts just like a time machine, transporting you back to childhood breakfasts at your grandparent's house.

Made from wheat, this germade cereal will keep you full for hours after the breakfast dishes have been cleaned up. We use only high-quality ingredients, which is why this product uses locally sourced wheat and is milled right in our very own fully-functioning mill. The best part about a cracked wheat breakfast? You can customize the flavor by adding honey, nuts, fresh fruit, cinnamon, or peanut butter on top. The only limit to your morning magic is your imagination. 

Customer Reviews

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Richard Farabee
Love Cracked Wheat

High quality packaging, fast shipping and tastes so very good. The customer service in the store is amazing.

Ladean Thueson
Cracked Wheat

For about 20 years I was raised on cracked wheat cereal every morning. It was my dad's favorite and mine.i married and move out of state. After many years I finally found the same kind I had growing up. I love this cereal, it's the best. The texture is wonderful. The taste is delicious.

James Jacob
Great Cereal

I have been looking for this cereal for awhile since that company I was buying them from stopped selling it so I was glad to find this. If you love hot and crunchy Cereal, this is for you! Butter and a little sugar on it is great. You can also use it to make muffins and bread!

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