Peacock All Purpose Unbleached Flour
Peacock All Purpose Unbleached Flour

Peacock All Purpose Unbleached Flour

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Our Lehi Mills Peacock All Purpose Flour is just that – an amazing, high-quality unbleached flour you can use in just about any recipe.

With a protein content of 10-11.5%, this all purpose flour has a versatile gluten quality; you can use it to thicken sauces, bread chicken, bake bread, or make airy pastries. It’ll become a kitchen staple for all your family cooking and baking adventures! You’d better stock up because you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go through this 25 lb flour bag.

*NOTE: Flour is limited to 2 bags; this includes mismatching bags. You will be unable to checkout if you place more than 2 bags of flour.

Customer Reviews

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Emily V
My favorite flour!

I get the Peacock flour as often as I can when visiting UT from AZ, but it had been way too long! It arrived perfectly with no spills. I will order again and again if I can’t get some in person!

Ginger E Pickering

Lehi Mills had the best products for my baking days. The All Purpose Unbleached Flour is a staple in my home

Couldn't find my flour

My Idaho Costco is carrying Lehi Mills flour and I brought home four bags. My adult children unloaded my groceries and I put them away. Later that evening I was looking for the flour but couldn't find it in the house, storage room or in the car. My 7 year old grandson saw me outside and came running all excited I was going to get peacocks. I asked him what made him think I was getting peacocks. He pointed to the feed shed and said there was a bunch of bags of peacock feed with the chicken food. 🤣 Found the bags of flour stacked up with the feed🤣🤣🤣🤣

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