Vegan Pancake Brands: Why Lehi Mills is a Must-Have

Vegan Pancake Brands: Why Lehi Mills is a Must-Have

Did you know that pancakes are the third most popular breakfast food in America after eggs and bacon?

Pancakes have withstood the test of time because they're simple, comforting, and filling.

Learning how to make your own pancakes from scratch is a great life lesson, but the average person has a hectic schedule and can't afford to spend lots of time in the kitchen. If you're on the hunt for high-quality vegan pancake brands, keep reading this guide to understand the reasons why you should keep Lehi Mills in your pantry.

Our Flour Is Organic and Local

Lehi Mills understands that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of starting your morning with cereal or protein bars that have chemicals and fillers, you deserve to fuel your body with wholesome grains.

Lehi Mills works with small local farmers who grow organic wheat with care. These grains are hand-selected so that the flavor and texture are incredible. Not only are the ingredients better, but you can also feel good about supporting independent farmers instead of large corporations that pollute our environment with unsustainable farming practices.

Lehi Mills Is a Family-Owned Brand

Small businesses have always been the backbone of America since they add lots of personality and variety to our communities. Lehi Mills prides itself on being a family-owned business that focuses on creating small batches that can meet our high standards.

Lehi Mills has been providing American families and bakeries with stellar products for over 100 years. Our experience proves that we've perfected our products and you won't regret giving us a try.

You'll be able to taste the love we pour into every batch. If you serve our vegan pancakes to your friends and family, they'll be begging you for the recipe.

Other Vegan Pancake Mix Brands Use Strange Ingredients

The best vegan pancakes should remind you of the homemade ones your mom would make for you. Going vegan doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice flavor or use subpar ingredients.

If you take a look at our label, you'll notice that our vegan pancakes are made with eight natural ingredients. When you compare our label to competitors, you may not be able to pronounce some of the ingredients that they use.

By keeping our recipe basic, you'll be able to dig into pancakes that taste homemade without putting in as much effort.

You Only Need to Add Water to Our Vegan Pancake Mix

Anyone who's on the hunt for easy vegan pancakes should look no farther than Lehi Mills. Our goal is to make cooking nutritious foods as simple as possible, which is why you only need to add water to our mixes.

Many traditional pancake recipes require ingredients like eggs and milk that aren't suitable for vegans. While there are substitutes available for these ingredients, you need to have the ingredients and time to prepare them.

Instead of making your own flax eggs or experimenting with smelly vinegar, you can enjoy fluffy and delicious vegan pancakes by adding water to our mix. Whether you need to rush to work in the morning or feed hungry kids, Lehi Mills is here to give you convenience and wholesome energy.

Our Pancake Mix Can Also Make Waffles

Pancakes always hit the spot, but sometimes it can be fun to switch up your breakfast routine with waffles. Any time you're in the mood for some thick, luscious waffles, you can use our mix to get the job done too. Instead of pouring the mix on a pan, you can ladle it into your waffle griddle and get beautiful results.

You can pair your waffles with our gourmet syrups. You can choose from coconut cream, raspberry, blueberry, and marionberry. Once you take your breakfasts to the next level, you'll be excited to wake up every day.

Our Prices Are Always Fair

One hurdle that stops people from buying from small businesses is price. Large corporations are able to offer cheap prices by using poor ingredients and cutting other corners.

The great news is that Lehi Mills always offers fair prices that beat the competitors when it comes to quality. You work hard for your money, so you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on food that's good for you.

If you're still on the fence, we allow new customers to enter their email on our website to score an awesome 20% discount from our newsletter. This will allow you to try our products without any risk.

You Can Find Us in Stores or Online

We all have unique preferences when it comes to grocery shopping. Some people like to create lists and stick to their budget based on local sales while others like to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping.

Lehi Mills wants to make shopping as stress-free as possible no matter what you prefer. You can use our store locator to figure out which businesses carry our products or you can fill your basket on our website so you can have access to every item we make.

Lehi Mills Is the Champion of Vegan Pancake Brands

There are so many vegan pancake brands on the market nowadays to keep up with the demand for plant-based products. Now that you've learned the top reasons why you should choose Lehi Mills, you can get ready to whip up hearty and delicious pancakes in no time.

While we can guarantee that you'll fall in love with our vegan pancake mix, we have plenty of other phenomenal products for you to try. If you'd like to treat your taste buds to excellent desserts, muffins, syrups, hot cereals, and more, then get to know our brand. Explore all of our products so you can find your favorite pantry staples.

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