A Guide to Finding the Best Vegan Pancake Mix

Do you know that the vegan food industry is worth over $19.7 billion?

So, if you haven't joined the vegan train yet, now is the best time. There are many brands that offer vegan options so finding your favorites that don't contain animal products is easier than you think. 

And if you are new to being vegan, is best to start with something easy like pancakes! Pancakes are one of the most popular choices for breakfast, but are pancakes vegan?

Read our guide to find out if traditional pancakes are vegan or not, what vegan pancake mix is made of, how to choose a vegan pancake mix, and where to get the best one. It's about time you polish your cooking skills!

Are Pancakes Vegan?

Traditionally American pancakes are not vegan because the pancake mix contains eggs, milk, and butter. On top of that, pancakes may be cooked in animal-based fat, such as butter or a pork by-product called lard.

Toppings can also be non-vegan, such as cheese, whipped cream, or ice cream.

By vegan standards, products containing any animal or animal by-products can't be labeled vegan. Animal by-products are milk, butter, eggs, animal-based fat, and honey. Because almost always pancake mixes contain animal products, you need to look for alternatives. 

Finding a restaurant that serves vegan pancakes may be challenging. But this does not mean that you can't enjoy America's favorite breakfast! Some popular store brands offer vegan pancake mixes.

You may even want to look outside of American cuisine, such as Asian and African cuisine, to find vegan-friendly pancakes.

What Goes Into a Vegan Pancake Mix

A vegan pancake mix does not differ that much from a non-vegan mix. Basic homemade vegan pancake recipes are simple, but the only challenge is to replace the non-vegan ingredients with vegan alternatives.

The staple of the vegan pancake mix is flour. Always choose high-quality flour, possibly organic, if you can. Organic flour contains more nutrients and is healthier because there were no chemicals used to grow the grains.

The second ingredient is milk. This is where you need to make a change to the traditional recipe. There are many plant-based milk options available at your local grocer, so this should not pose any issues.

The most common plant-based milk used is almond milk because of the nutty flavor it adds to the batter. However, you can use soy or oat milk instead.

A traditional recipe also calls for baking powder. Baking powder is generally vegan but always read the label to be sure. Baking powder is a raising agent, and along with eggs, it provides leavening.

To make eggs-free pancakes, you can add some extra baking powder and mix it with baking soda and acid, such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

If you have been using vegan recipes before, you most likely noticed that many call for an egg replacer such as chia seeds or ground flaxseed. Some other types of vegan egg replacers are dairy-free yogurt or applesauce.

Unfortunately, you won't get the same results by adding those standard egg replacements into your vegan pancake mix. They often add extra liquid into the batter affecting the texture. You may end up adjusting the amount of milk in your mix to have the batter right.

Eggs also provide leavening, and vegan egg alternatives don't do that.

How to Choose a Vegan Pancake Mix

Choosing a vegan pancake mix shouldn't be hard. If you have a favorite brand already, the easiest way is to check if they offer a vegan option.

Once you find a vegan pancake mix you like, check the label. Vegan products are usually labeled 'vegan,' '100% vegan', or 'vegan-friendly.' You may also look for a specific vegan logo on the product. The Vegan Society is one of the accrediting organizations that issue such logos.

However, even if there isn't a vegan logo, the pancake mix can still be vegan.

Reading labels will also help you to check what other ingredients are included in the mix. Many brands may add artificial flavors, preservatives, or processed sugars. Choosing a high-quality vegan pancake mix can make all the difference.

Pancakes are super quick to make, so they are a great option when you are short on time. This carries on to the vegan pancake mixes too. Some brands offer mixes where you only need to add plant-based milk and/or water.

In addition, vegan pancake mixes, like, for example, Lehi Mills, are convenient too. Their famous vegan pancake mix requires only water, and it can be used to make vegan waffles! Goodbye boredom!

Where to Find the Best Vegan Pancake Mix

A vegan diet is gaining in popularity, so more stores offer vegan pancake mixes. You can find some mixes in the grocery store or online. Keep in mind that some brands may not have the vegan logo, but they may still be plant-based.

Depending on what type of flour you want to use for your pancakes, you may look for brands that offer alternatives to the all-purpose flour, such as buckwheat or oat. They are also brands offering gluten-free options. So, even if you suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, you can still enjoy pancakes!

If you opt for organic products, there are vegan pancake mixes, such as those from Lehi Mills, that use organic flour.

Choose Your Vegan Pancake Mix

Vegan pancakes have never been easier to make than now! The traditional pancake mix contains animal products such as milk or butter, but don't worry; you have the option of using a vegan pancake mix instead.

So, are you ready to put your cooking skills to the test? Browse through our products to make sure your next homemade vegan pancakes are the winner!

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