How to Make the Perfect Coconut Cream Syrup for Waffles or Pancakes

Did you know that coconut cream syrup is one of the most popular syrup varieties in Hawaii? This tropical twist on syrup is found all over the islands. Homemade coconut syrup is one of the most flavorful ways to add a tropical flair to your pancakes, coffee, or desserts.

Coconut cream syrup can be used in all of the ways that maple syrup can, and maybe even a few more- the possibilities are endless! With so many amazing uses, coconut syrup is sure to be a big hit this summer for your family. 

Luckily, coconut cream syrup is relatively easy to make and only requires a few simple ingredients you may already have! Making coconut cream syrup is a great cooking activity to get started with, and the results are so worth it!

Are you ready to switch up your syrup selection? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to making coconut cream syrup.

History of Coconut Cream Syrup

The coconut has a long and colorful history in the diets of humans. With the earliest coconuts having been traced back to Southeast Asia, people in tropical climates have depended on the coconut for generations as means of food and hydration. 

The coconut has not only been relied on but loved by the many cultures that have cultivated it. Ancient Arab traders carried the coconut to East Africa, from where it soon made its way up to Egypt and Europe. Soon, the coconut was being enjoyed by civilizations around the globe. 

Different cultures have held the coconut in high regard for centuries.

In Tanzania, learning to grate coconut is a skill passed down from mothers to daughters. Here, the oil is used to bless newborn babies, and on Islamic holy days, coconuts are principal donations of mosques. In many African and Middle Eastern countries, coconut is used in ceremonial dishes and celebratory cuisine.

Through modern times, the coconut has stayed a staple of many dishes across the globe. Coconut cream syrup is a great example of one of these dishes. Though the exact origins of coconut cream syrup may be unknown, many people credit Hawaiians for giving us this amazing sweet treat. 

Though the coconut is not actually native to the Hawaiian Islands, the trees have flourished in Hawaii for many years. Ancient Hawaiians used every part of the coconut plant for food, ropes, weaving, games, music, and more! This sweet and luxurious cream of coconut syrup is a staple at restaurants across the Hawaiian Islands. 


Making coconut cream syrup requires just a few simple ingredients that can be found in any grocery store:

  • 1 can of coconut milk (full fat, do not get light. Reduced fat coconut milk will not bring the syrup together correctly)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup granulated white sugar
  • Vanilla, to taste

And that is it! These ingredients are nice and simple, easy to find anywhere. You may even have these ingredients already! 


First, thoroughly whisk the coconut milk and the cornstarch. Be sure to break up any large clumps of cornstarch. A shaker bottle also can help with this. 

Once the cornstarch is fully mixed into the coconut milk, you are ready to begin heating the coconut syrup. Pour the cornstarch and coconut milk mixture into a medium saucepan. Heat the saucepan over medium heat. 

Into the same saucepan, add the sugar. Continue stirring while the mixture heats up. Do not let the mixture boil, but maintain a steady heat. 

Once the mixture has started to thicken, remove the saucepan from the heat. Stir in the vanilla. Pro tip: for extra flavor and presentation, try vanilla bean paste. 

Once cooled, the mixture should be slightly thick but still pourable. Store the syrup in a sealed container, such as a mason jar. 

Ways to Use Coconut Cream Syrup

Coconut syrup is perfect for summer! There are so many different ways to use homemade coconut syrup. 

What better way to kick off a summer morning than a fresh stack of pancakes? For a tropical twist on your favorite pancakes, try a drizzle of coconut cream syrup instead of maple! 

The coconut syrup tastes amazing on a variety of pancakes. Try leaning into the tropical theme with banana macadamia nut or blueberry pancakes. For a lighter twist, try drizzling the coconut cream syrup over crepes with whipped cream or fruit!

If you can’t start your day without coffee, this coconut cream syrup tastes amazing in a latte. Try drizzling the coconut cream syrup over the inside edge of your glass and on top for a refreshingly sweet blast of coconut. When paired with caramel, the result is reminiscent of a macaroon and tastes amazing! 

For a beautiful dessert, try drizzling the coconut cream syrup overtop ice cream, a crepe cake, or angel food cake. These light desserts complement the richness of the coconut cream syrup perfectly. They are sure to be a hit at the end of a summer get-together. 

Really, the possibilities are endless! Wherever you use traditional maple syrup, coconut cream syrup will make an amazing and tropical summer substitute. 

Time to Make Your Own Coconut Cream Syrup

Coconut cream syrup is very easy to make, requiring just a few simple ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time. Fresh coconut syrup is flavorful and fresh, perfect for adding a tropical twist to your breakfasts, beverages, and desserts.

If you just don't have time to make your own coconut cream syrup, don't fret! You can still enjoy a tropical treat every morning with Lehi Mills Coconut Cream Syrup. Add this creamy syrup to your cart and start your mornings off right. 

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