Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Baking Gift Ideas for Everyone One Your List

Can you believe the holiday season is already here? It seems like it was only yesterday that we were putting away the holiday decorations; now we're digging them out from the back of the garage while trying to remember what it all looked like last year.

What are your favorite things about this time of year? What about the worst things? For us, it can be so overwhelming having to pick out gifts for everyone you know — and having backup presents ready in the hallway closet for those last minute "I didn't get you a gift" or spur-of-the-moment occasions.

We found that there seems to be one thing everyone always loves to get or receive: food! 

And, in case you hadn't realized by now, we love food. Total *heart eye emoji* moment. Maybe that's why we created a food themed gift guide for everyone on your list as well as a bunch of pre-made gifts you can order and keep stashed in your closet for last-minute gifts too. 

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So, without further ado, let's get to the gift guide. 

12 Gifts for Everyone on Your List

1. Plant-based Lover in Your Life:

Do you know we have a variety of amazing and delicious vegan and plant-based products available? Whether you decide to gift our raspberry muffin mix, brownie mix (the only certified vegan brownie on the market, by the way, *subtle flex*), or our pancake & waffle mix, any vegan lover you know will love our products. 

2. The College Freshman:

Why are college students so hard to order presents for? Honestly, we think it's because you never know if they have a kitchen where they're living or just are in a shared room - which just makes it difficult. BUT we figured out a solution! Order a mini dash (seriously, they're lifesavers), some measuring cups, and a waffle mix and place it into a cute box with wrapping paper. This breakfast essentials present is perfect because you can use the dash in a kitchen or in your dorm room! 

3. A Rad Dad:

Who is in charge of breakfast on the weekend in your family? We don't know why, but it usually tends to be Dad, right? Give him a gift that keeps on giving 😂 with a holiday breakfast box — all that's missing is the spatula and griddle and they'll be able to whip up a quick weekend breakfast in no time! 

The Young at Heart:

Quick, name a breakfast food you always had when at your grandparents or parents! When it's not an all out feast of cinnamon rolls, hash browns, eggs, waffles, or scones, it seems like breakfast always included a hearty bowl of porridge or cream of wheat, right? So give them a gift they'll love with our hot germade cereals! We've got 4 different flavors (including our best-selling strawberries and cream germade) as well as a cracked wheat, so there will be plenty of mixes to choose from for your gift. 

Last Minute Neighbor Gift:

You're leaving to go to so-and-so's holiday party, block event, or white elephant occasion, and you realize you forgot to get a gift. What do you do? Well, obviously you go to the closet where you stash your Lehi Mills gift sets — that you so smartly ordered a couple of weeks ago — and grab one to take with you because you know that any of Lehi Mill's mixes are to die for and will be a big holiday hit. 

Mom On-The-Go:

The women in our lives always seem to be busy and running from one place to another, usually with an insulated cup of soda in one hand and a to-do list in the other. So give that person (the one who instantly came to mind as soon as you read that) the one food that'll pair perfectly with their well-used insulated cup: a sugar cookie mix. A sip of caffeine and a dose of sugar are the best fuel to get them through their day — especially during the holiday season! 

Winter Break Survival Kit:

Anyone else dreading having the kids home for their two-week holiday break? *Slowly raises hand* Us too. That's why we're ordering the extravagant holiday gift set for our house. It's got a pancake mix and syrup — perfect for those lazy mornings when you want to stay in bed and let the kids fend for themselves for breakfast (trust us and add a mini dash to your shopping list). It's got a muffin mix for an afternoon snack, and a brownie and cake mix for those moments when you just don't know what to make for dessert and your kids (of course) want to help and you know they're going to make a mess. But that's okay, because baking memories in the kitchen are what the holiday's are all about! 

That Hard-To-Please Tween or Teen:

Are all tweens and teens so hard to please? Nothing seems to impress them or get them excited, unless it's the latest TikTok dance or trend. 🙄 But our pumpkin chocolate chip and raspberry muffin cups seem to be a hit for that age group! Plus, they make great stocking stuffers. So save yourself some hassle and gift them some muffin cups — and maybe order some extra for when they run out! 

The Ultimate Party Host:

Delicious desserts and hopping house parties seem to go hand-in-hand; isn't that where you always get recipe inspiration for your next family get-together? Send your favorite party host an assortment of dessert mixes from Lehi Mills. Pick from a variety of cookies, cakes, and brownies — or get all three! Regardless of what mix you get, they'll love their holiday treat. 

Bread Maker 101

We all know that person who's New Year Resolution is always "make more meals from scratch." So this year, help them out with their goals and get them a gift they'll love: high quality flour for every recipe they tackle. Whether they're baking bread from scratch or adding it to a dinner idea, Lehi Mills flour is the perfect present to give this holiday season. 

A House-Warming Gift

Have a new neighbor moving in next door or a person on your street you've never met? Drop off one of our best-selling muffin mixes (seriously, they're always in our top 3 products sold out of the entire year, year-over-year) and a cute apron and wish them a happy holiday season! You might just go down as best neighbor in the neighborhood. 

The Coworker You Don't Know What to Get

What do you do when you have an upcoming office party and barely know the coworker you've been assigned? Don't worry! Lehi Mills is coming through again with our delicious eggnog cake gift set. This new cake is perfect for anyone even those who don't like eggnog — and will be a Secret Santa success. 

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