A Lehi Mills Dessert Mix Buying Guide

 Did you know that eating desserts can actually improve your emotional wellbeing?

Right now everybody could probably benefit from a sweet way to counteract stress and increase life satisfaction. So let's get baking!

Keep reading for the complete Lehi Mills dessert mix buying guide. We'll include descriptions and tips for all our Lehi Mills dessert mixes and help you choose the best one for your current craving!

Vegan Brownie Mix

A plant-based diet boasts many diverse health benefits. Our Vegan Brownie Mix creates plant-based wonders that are both delicious and simple. All you add is oil and water, and the result is moist chocolatey goodness.

This mix is also the only certified vegan brownie mix on the market! So if you're switching to plant-based for your New Year's resolution or simply want to change up your diet, you can indulge in our vegan dessert mix with bliss.

Serve these brownies to your loved ones and see if they can believe they're vegan. These have all the flavor and texture of our premium brownies without the use of any animal products. 

Cranberry Orange Scone Mix

One of the most heavenly flavor combinations ever created: orange and cranberry. These scones are perfect any time of the year for a fresh, zesty pop of flavor. They're also an excellent idea for breakfast!

This mix comes in a two-pound bag; all you need to do is add butter and water. The result is a crumbly, soft, moist scone with delicately browned corners.

This mix also comes with instructions on how to create the perfect orange glaze to top your scones! 

Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Mix

This mix creates a delicious cinnamon oatmeal cookie in 10-12 minutes. Feel free to add in delicious morsels like chocolate chips, nuts, or raisins. This mix requires butter, eggs, and water, and comes in a two-pound bag.

These make the perfect after-school snack, snow day treat, or instant mood booster. It would also be fantastic in a care package, to help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. After all, everybody loves cookies!

Dunk it in a glass of icy milk or a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. We also promise not to tell anyone if you eat it for breakfast!. After all, it’s made with nutrient and fiber-rich oats.

Sugar Cookie Mix

These buttery cookies are perfect for rolling and cutting into fun shapes. Why should Christmas have all the fun? Any holiday is better with cutout sugar cookies. 

This dessert mix requires only butter and water. When baking, make sure to watch them: it's easy to overbake delicate sugar cookies. Remove your perfect cookies from the oven before they start to brown.

Then, feel free to get creative and decorate with colored icing, glaze, and sprinkles.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

The crave-able combination of pumpkin and chocolate that everyone loves now in the form of a fabulous cookie! Just mix in vegetable oil and a can of pumpkin. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes and enjoy this delicious fall treat year-round!

This dessert mix comes in either a box or a 2-pound bag. The box mix makes 26 cookies and requires an 8 ounce can of pumpkin. We’re warning it though, that might not be enough. As soon as you eat one, you will be addicted. That’s why we also sell this mix in a 2-pound bag.

Our cookie mixes use only the highest quality flour to create a uniquely spectacular taste. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

The chocolate chip cookie: America's all-time favorite. Who can argue with so much simple joy and deliciousness?

Just add butter and water, stir, and bake for 12-15 minutes. You’ll end up with a batch of easy, perfectly crispy chocolate chip cookies.  This dessert mix may be quick to make, but the cookie will taste homemade. 

Warning: you won't be able to eat just one!

Mint Truffle Brownie Mix

Chocolate and mint always pair perfectly together.

This dessert mix creates a fudgy, minty brownie with a sophisticated taste. This makes the treats ideal for potlucks, charity gatherings, or gobbling as soon as they cool. They also would make the perfect alternative to boxed chocolates this Valentine's Day!

Cut some into heart shapes and tuck them into lunch boxes, or serve on a plate with a sprig of fresh mint and a scoop of ice cream.

This mix, which is made with premium cocoa, boasts luxurious layers of delicate minty flavor. As an added bonus, there’s no weird green color! Just add oil and water for a decadent treat ready in thirty minutes.

Double Fudge Brownies

Caution: this dessert mix is for serious chocolate lovers only!

If you're a chocoholic choosing a dessert mix, you can't go wrong with these brownies. Our carefully crafted blend took three years to develop. Why? 

We were perfecting the ultimate chewy, fudgy brownie. These lovelies literally melt in your mouth. 

This mix is available in a box or a two-pound bag. The box mix makes one 8"x8" pan of brownies. 

If you live with a family of chocoholics, you may want to consider the two-pound bag instead. It will save you the trouble of immediately reordering, once everybody gets addicted. This two-pound bag will keep you in chocolate heaven for longer.

All you need is vegetable oil and water. The thirty-minute wait time might be difficult since the baking aroma will make your mouth water. But we promise it’ll be well worth the wait! 

Pick Your Dream Dessert Mix 

Now that you know everything about our Lehi Mills dessert mixes, let's get baking! Pick a few based on your current cravings or try them all.

At Lehi Mills, we use only the highest quality flour in every mix. You'll be able to taste the difference. Read more about our special flour here!

We hope you enjoyed this dessert mix buying guide. Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy your next sweet treat.

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