Chocolate & Hazelnut Germade Cereal 2 lb


Designed especially for those mornings when you want something more filling than a bowl of cold cereal or granola.

Lehi Mills Chocolate & Hazelnut Germade is essentially a delicious bag of breakfast nostalgia. Made with wheat germ, wheat farina, wheat bran, and cocoa, this product is milled right in our own fully-functioning flour mill. You can even add peanut butter, honey, nuts, or fresh fruit to it! With a similar texture to porridge, creamy wheat cereal, or farina, this fulfilling breakfast product will satisfy your chocolate craving and make magic in the mornings.

At Lehi Mills, we care about quality, which is why all of our products are made with locally sourced, high-quality, hand-selected wheat. We know that a better quality wheat means a better tasting product – and that’s why bakers and families have trusted our products for more than 100 years.