Candy Corn Waffles

How do you feel about candy corn? I feel like it’s either a love it or hate it kind of candy — there is no in-between. Regardless of how you feel about this iconic Halloween candy, we’ve got a candy corn recipe that’ll be sure to thrill even the pickiest of eaters: candy corn waffles. We’ve included the supposed flavors of candy corn (marshmallow, vanilla, and caramel) into the waffle batter, but you don’t have to include it if you don’t want to. Remember, you are the master of your kitchen, so you can decide how you want to customize each recipe to your and your family’s taste buds.

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Candy Corn Waffle Recipe


  • 6 cups of Belgian Waffle Mix
  • 6 cups of water
  • Orange food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • 1 tablespoon of marshmallow flavor (if desired)
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla flavor (if desired)
  • 1 tablespoon of caramel flavor (if desired)


  1. Preheat your Belgian waffle maker.
  2. Pour 2 cups of pancake mix and 2 cups of water into three separate bowls (so that each has 2 cups of mix and 2 cups of water).
  3. In the first bowl (which will be just waffle batter) stir in the marshmallow flavoring (if desired)
  4. In the second bowl, add in the orange food coloring and caramel flavoring (if desired). Stir until the flavor and dye are well incorporated.
  5. In the third bowl, add in the yellow food coloring and vanilla flavoring (if desired). Stir until the flavor and dye are well incorporated.
  6. Spoon the plain waffle batter into the center of the waffle iron, then pour the orange batter in a ring around the plain batter, and the yellow batter around the edge. Note: do this quickly so the waffle will cook evenly.
  7. Cook the waffle until finished, carefully remove it from the iron, and serve warm.

The hardest thing about this recipe is the actual making of the candy corn waffle. It might take you a couple of tries to nail the coloring consistency, which is OKAY. Even the messy waffles are still delicious!

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