9 Additions to Make Your Vegan Brownie in a Mug Even More Delicious

Some experts say that desserts are actually good for you, and this is great news for us. There's nothing better than making a quick late-night vegan brownie in a mug to soothe your sweet tooth!

If you're getting bored of your late-night vegan brownies, why not change them up with some fun toppings and mix-ins? We're here with a few of our favorites to inspire you. Read on to learn more. 

1. Crushed Oreos

Did you know that Oreos, at least in the United States, are vegan? That's right, this famous sandwich cookie is vegan-approved, which means that it's a perfect addition to your vegan brownies. 

You have a few options here.

We recommend crushing up one or two Oreos and putting them right into the brownie mix before you put the mug in the microwave. This way, every bite will have some crunchy cookies and cream.

You could also drop a single Oreo in whole into the vegan brownie mix. The cookie should soften a bit and it will be a fun "core" for your brownie in a mug.

A quick note: many off-brand Oreo clones are also vegan, but make sure that you read the label before you make your purchase! 

2. Nuts

No one makes a brownie in a mug for its high nutritional content, but you could add something of value to your brownie in a mug while keeping it tasty. Add in some chopped nuts!

Nuts are high in healthy fats and protein. They're also high in calories, though, so if you're watching your diet, add them with caution.

Peanuts are the most popular option, but walnuts and pistachios also go well with tasty vegan chocolate brownies. Get creative! Sprinkle some on top when the brownie is still warm for the final touch. 

3. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter (or nut butter) is another great nutty addition if you don't want the crunch that comes with whole nuts.

Peanut butter is the most popular kind of nut butter, but almond butter is another good option. Again, it's high in protein and healthy fats, so it has some nutritional value.

We recommend using natural salted peanut butter and drizzling it on (warmed up or not) when your brownie comes out of the microwave. For an added treat, keep the jar with you and drizzle more on as you work your way through your brownie.

You could also add a spoonful and swirl it into the brownie mix, but this may impact the time that the brownie takes to cook. 

4. Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Bars

Wanna keep it simple? Add some vegan chocolate chips to your brownie before it goes into the oven. 

Vegan chocolate chips are available at most grocery stores. The semisweet chocolate chips that most people use for baking are often vegan (though again, check the label before you buy them).

If you don't have any chocolate chips and you need a brownie now, grab a chocolate bar and chop it up into pieces. 

The chocolate should melt slightly while the brownie cooks and you'll have gooey chocolate morsels throughout! 

5. Hot Fudge

This is another great option if you're looking for warm toppings for your vegan brownie in a mug (rather than mix-ins). You can put some fudge into your mix before you put it into the microwave, but drizzling it on top is much more decadent.

It's easy to make vegan hot fudge at home, likely with ingredients that you already have in your pantry.  

6. A Scoop of Vegan Ice Cream

Speaking of decadence, why not truly upgrade your snack to a fully-formed dessert by adding a scoop of vegan ice cream on top? 

If you want to make a healthier snack, we recommend making banana "nice cream" instead of real vegan ice cream. You'll get plenty of nutrients from the banana and you can add your own flavors (we love adding peanut powder for a nutty nice cream). 

That said, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and adding your favorite packaged vegan ice cream. 

7. Sliced Fruit

Sliced fruit is a great addition to your vegan brownie, and you can add it either before you "bake" or after. Add whatever is in season!

Berries are a good first choice. They'll add some tartness to your brownies and they're great either mixed in or sliced on top.

Bananas will add sweetness and creaminess to your brownies. If you want a sweeter treat without adding anything too sugary, a banana is a good choice. 

8. Vegan Whipped Cream

Not all add-ins are complicated. Sometimes piling some whipped cream on top of your vegan brownie in a mug is the perfect thing to make it an ideal dessert.

You could make your own vegan whipped cream, but luckily, there should be plenty of options at your local grocery store. Vegan whipped cream is often made from coconut or almond milk! 

Whipped cream is also (relatively) low-calorie.

9. Salt and Caramel 

This is our favorite option for a truly rich and decadent microwave treat. Add salt and caramel to your vegan brownie in a mug to upgrade it big time. 

Some storebought caramel sauces are already vegan, but making your own at home is easy. You only need three ingredients and a few quick minutes.  

When your brownie is still warm, pour warm caramel sauce onto it so it can sink in. Sprinkle salt on top for a sweet and salty perfect combination. 

What Will You Add to Your Vegan Brownie in a Mug?

Your vegan brownie in a mug is delicious as-is, but why not upgrade it with a few fun mix-ins or toppings? Try one (or several) of these suggestions for a dessert that doesn't taste like it just came out of the microwave.

At Lehi Mills, we aim to make high-quality products and mixes that can turn anyone into an expert home baker. Check out our products today!

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