Air Fryer Cookies

Air Fryer Cookies

Air fryers are such lifesavers. I'm so glad they've risen in popularity, because it makes life so much easier! Reheating leftovers? Pop them into the air fryer. Crispier chicken? Pop it in the air fryer. Basically everything can be done in an air fryer nowadays, including... 

Chocolate chip cookies! 

I know, I know. Here's yet another air fryer recipe. But this one is a lifesaver (and only took a couple rounds of experimenting for us to nail it). We took our chocolate chip cookie mix and turned it into crispy yet gooey chocolate chip cookies. 

Want to know a tip? Make a big batch of cookie dough, roll it into balls, and then pop it in the freezer! This way you can pull out the dough balls whenever the cookie craving hits (which always happens late at night for me when I'm trying to be quiet because everyone's asleep) and pop them in the oven or air fryer. The cookie dough will stay good for about 3 months. You're welcome in advance. 

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Air Fryer Cookies



  1. In a medium bowl, combine the chocolate chip cookie mix, butter, and water. Use your hands or a kitchen aid to incorporate all of the ingredients together. 
  2. Roll or scoop 2-inch balls from the cookie dough and place onto a lined air fryer tray; our air fryer only fit 4 cookies at a time (so we wouldn't recommend cooking more than that). 
  3. Set the air fryer temperature to 350 and bake for 6 - 9 minutes. 
  4. Once the timer runs out, let cookies sit in the air fryer for 2 minutes to finish cooking. 
  5. Eat your air fryer chocolate chip cookies plain or with a glass of milk! 

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