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Lehi Mills makes the best pancake mix on the planet. I try to eat an organic diet, so i rarely get to enjoy them. Flours are notoriously saturated in cancer- causing insecticides. Could you consider making your mixes with your ORGANIC flour?

delicious! organic?

Lehi Mills makes the best pancake mix on the planet. I try to eat an organic diet, so i rarely get to enjoy them. Flours are notoriously saturated in cancer- causing insecticides. Could you consider making your mixes with your ORGANIC flour?

The Best!!

We’ve bought these products for years! The buttermilk pancake mix is the absolute best and our favorite! We no longer live in UT but visit regularly and we always stop by and pick some up to bring home for ourselves and family and friends!

Best germade

I bought this flavor to introduce to my daughter-in-law and grandchildren along with the strawberry and cream and they all loved .

Best germade

Have been buying this for years my children loved it my son loved the orange cream but me and my girls love the strawberry cream

Cornbread Mix 2 lb
Larissa Rutter
The best cornbread ever

I buy six bags of Lehi Mills’ cornbread at a time. It’s so delicious, my kids love it. So easy to make and super moist.

Best Pumpkin Cookies EVER

hands down these are the absolute most delicious cookies in the whole world. I’ll take these over every other brand and don’t mind making them since it’s so easy with this mix!! I do the whole bag then eat them throughout the week. Love!!!!!!

Smells fresh!

I love this flour, it smells so fresh when I open a bag. I wish I lived in an area where I could buy it in store because the shipping is killing me!

Raspberry Muffin Mix
Aaron Glicco
Best muffins ive ever made

I decided to try these on a whim. Ha ! I guess im a sucker for a pretty box. But Oh My God, these are some of the best muffins ive ever had. Im at 5000', so many muffin and cake mixes turn out...unflattering, even when following high altitude directions. But these muffins were perfect amount of moist, fluffy, and and sweet. And the raspberries were just great. My 7 year old says that he doesn't want any other kind now. Thanks Lehi. Found a new family favorite.

Great cracked wheat

We love having cracked wheat for breakfast!

SO good.

This mix is SO amazing. I ordered one bag and it wasn't enough! We make them so often I order like 5 bags at a time now. Kids love them, we love them. Lemon flavor is delicious and just mild enough. Super easy to mix it up with a crumble topping or blueberries mixed in. The BEST breakfast, lunch, or snack there is!

Great combination

Best of both muffins mixed together! Love these!!!! Kids loved them too!

Kids favorite

I have picky eater kids and they love these!!!!! They are so light and the perfect amount of raspberries!!!

Raspberry muffins

These muffins are the best


I’m not kidding my kids thought I went out and got waffles from a restaurant when I made these. 10/10 this mix is so good & easy!


Literally the best brownies I’ve ever had. OBSESSED. I love that they don’t require eggs. Sooooo good. I will never use another brownie mix again!


My husband said these are the best cookies he’s ever had. So easy to make & delicious!


This is the best blueberry mix ever!!

Excellent.. five stars!

Bought it from a local retailer and couldn't believe how good this was. From grandmother to toddler we loved these brownies. Better than regular egg /milk, brownies easy to make too!

Cornbread Mix 2 lb
Leeanne Hill
Excellent Cornbread

Lehi Mills has excellent mixes and one of our favorites is the Cornbread. It is delicious and easy to make. Too bad the shipping or lack thereof puts a ding in the experience. UPS did not deliver properly and I had to drive over to their facility to pick it up. Took me 15days to receive my order.

Awesome Muffins

Love Lehi muffins, they are the best! I add a little fresh blueberries to the mix, amazing! Sure wish they sold them at our grocery store!

Worth driving 1000 miles for

I used to buy this when I lived in Utah and love it! Everything I make with it turns out so good and chewy. Since moving to the south, I have not found anything that can replace it, so I beg friends and family headed to and from Utah to bring me Lehi flour. Every time we go to Utah we make sure we leave space and load up our car with it. My mom used to use Canadian flour from Alberta and this is the closest substitute we have found for that excellent flour. We love this!

Quality that serves

With so many options for flour I was sold on their clean grain. Lots of companies still use glysophates even tho they’re “organic” which a lot of people don’t know. So without hesitation this sold me on them! And my bread is on point!!!!

Lemon Muffin Mix 2 Lb
Diane Peterson
Lemoney flavor? Definitely

Been buying Lehi Mills products since a young girl 50+ years. This is one on my favs. It’s flavor and texture make it another Lehi Mills winner for our family.

Raspberry Muffin Cup
Diane Peterson
Lucious convience

Decided to try this product and was pleasantly impressed. Easy and
Fast. What more could you ask for? Flavor…it delivered.