Vegan Brownie Mix


Our vegan brownie mix is the easiest, most delicious vegan treat. Just combine the vegan brownie mix with oil and water, and you’ll have the best plant-based brownies in no time. Vegan dessert doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoy a batch of vegan chewy brownies today. We know you’ll just fall in love with these vegan brownies – the only Certified Vegan Brownie Mix on the market.


When your sweet tooth is calling, this is the perfect answer. Our Vegan Brownie Mix is a great treat you’ll enjoy. Each Vegan Brownie Box makes a perfect, fudge brownie in no time at all. Feel free to mix in more to give these vegan brownies your own special flavor.

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Vegan Brownie Mix - Lehi Mills

Lehi Mills Vegan Brownie Mix makes an absolutely perfect brownie that fits your dietary needs.

You can add your own mix-ins or enjoy this mix as is by following the simple directions. Either way you try it, we know you’ll love it. Our Vegan Brownie Mix starts with our premium high mountain flour (like all our baking mixes) and includes only the best ingredients.

Your mouth will be watering as your brownies bake filling your kitchen with the sweet chocolatey aroma. We know you’ll enjoy every single bite. Buy a box or a case today.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 2 × 8.5 in
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