Artisan Baking Flour 5 lb


Use this high-quality five-pound bag of Artisan Baking Flour to bake the best bread and baked goods. 

With its enriched, unbleached, high gluten, and high protein content, this versatile flour is perfect for whatever baking project you want to tackle in your kitchen; it even has the same protein content (11.5-12.75%) as our 25-pound Turkey Brand Flour. Use it for better-tasting rolls, sourdough bread, bagels, pizza dough (and more) that your family will love and devour. Our Lehi Mills Artisan Baking Flour will quickly become a staple in all your baking adventures! 

At Lehi Mills, we care about quality, which is why all of our products are made with locally sourced, high-quality, hand-selected wheat. We know that a better quality wheat means a better tasting product – and that’s why bakers and families have trusted our products for more than 100 years. 

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Weight5 lbs