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Whole Foods Magazine, a national monthly trade magazine, highlighted Lehi Mills’ new vegan baking mix line shortly after its launch. The magazine is the longest-running business to business natural products magazine and offers coverage of products, trends, and industry news. The print magazine reaches over 32,000 people and the website has about 66,000 monthly page views.

Whole Foods Magazine is a trusted resource that many national grocers, wholesalers, and suppliers follow. The magazine’s article about Lehi Mills’ new vegan baking mix line got the products in front of a lot of new faces. As a result, this feature was a huge win for the company.

Though the January 2nd shout-out was short, Whole Foods Magazine spotlighted the Plant-Based Pancake/Waffle Mix, Plant-Based Brownie Mix, and even mentioned the customer favorite Plant-Based Raspberry Muffin Mix. Also, Whole Foods Magazine highlighted that these complete mixes only require simple ingredients like water and oil. In addition, they are also extremely simple to prepare.

Lehi Mills’ vegan baking mix line is Certified Vegan, meaning that they qualify for a registered trademark. This guarantees that a product contains zero animal products or byproducts. The certification gives customers confidence knowing that the Plant-Based mixes are 100% vegan. In addition, each Certified Vegan product has a unique, recognizable seal on the box so that you can know that it is totally vegan.

The short article also linked to the Lehi Mills website so that readers can check out the new vegan line and the other products.

Whole Foods Magazine

It is a huge honor to be featured by Whole Foods Magazine. The publication only covers new and noteworthy products. In addition, the national magazine has experienced and respected editors, columnists, and writers that make great recommendations that many trust. We look forward to continuing this relationship and sharing more stories with this incredible publication.


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