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Pancake Cereal

Yes… we know. It’s a TikTok trend. Don’t roll your eyes at this one though. It is really cute and fun! Kids will love it too.

Pancake Cereal is a fun and creative way to use Lehi Mills Pancake mix. You and your kids will love scooping up baby pancakes, syrup, and fruit with a spoon!

Basically all you have to do is make a bunch of mini pancakes, put them in a bowl, and cover them in syrup. This recipe will be easiest if you have a large squeeze bottle and an electric griddle. That way you can make a ton of little pancakes quickly!

Pancake Cereal is kind of like a choose your own adventure game. You choose the pancake mix, the add-ins, and your flavor of syrup. Choose from any of our pancake mixes and syrups to start!

Pancake Cereal



Mix the pancake mix and the water. Pour into a large squeeze bottle. Squeeze coin sized pancakes onto a greased griddle. Let cook for 1 minute and flip.
Pour mini pancakes in a bowl, top with fresh fruit, and your favorite syrup! Enjoy!


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