Lehi Roller Mills Recovering, Expanding Under New Ownership | Daily Herald

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In 2015, the Daily Herald wrote a piece on Lehi Mills’ new ownership. In 2012, financial burden and debt buried Lehi Mills, formerly Lehi Roller Mills. Sherm Robinson, the third-generation owner of the mill, described a few of the struggles that they faced before bankruptcy.

The article highlighted that the unexpected closure of a bank, delayed payments from a vendor, and the lawsuit that followed all caused Sherm to look for a solution. He reached out to Ken Brailsford, CEO of KEB Enterprises, for help. Ken, who grew up in Utah County, has always had an affinity for the mill.  He bought the mill in 2013, made some changes and updates, and grew sales more than 150%.

The mill is part of the National Register of Historic Places and is a local icon. Many love the mill’s history and support out of a sense of community. News about the mill is always popular among local Utah residents. 

The article highlights that the mill produces about two million pounds of flour each month. The mill supplies many local and national stores, artisan bakers, and restaurants. Ken Brailsford opened new warehouses in American Fork to help with the storage and distribution of the flour.

The article quoted Ken in saying, “We’re excited to see such a historic place and business overcome the obstacles it faced in the past. It’s really a unique piece of Utah history and we’re committed to the growth of Lehi Roller Mills. I see us becoming a strong regional brand.”

The article looks forward to the future of Lehi Mills optimistically.

The Daily Herald

The Daily Herald is a daily newspaper that covers news, business, and community events in Utah County. The newspaper reaches around 32,000 people daily. The Daily Herald has featured Lehi Mills in the past. We hope to be able to keep working with this publication in the future.


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