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World Grain covers flour milling companies and highlights specific mills in each edition. The magazine also highlights grain and milling industry statistics, flour supply and demand trends, and grain and flour prices. 

World Grain reported on Lehi Mills’ rebrand and expansion. In early 2019, Lehi Mills launched a total company rebrand and a packaging rebrand of some of customers’ favorite mixes. The article also mentions two new mixes: Whole-Grain Waffle Mix and Belgian Waffle Mix. The article also highlighted the rebrand as a refresh that stays true to Lehi mills’ roots.

The World Grain article also mentions Lehi Mills’ new website offers an interactive e-commerce platform. The publication also reports that Lehi Mills’ line of products will start to roll in grocery stores throughout Utah and Idaho.

World Grain’s article featured the mill’s long history, including the fact that the mill is still run by the Robinson family. In addition, the article quoted the president of Lehi Mills, Steve Brailsford, expressing Lehi Mills’ excitement for this new line. “Lehi Mills was founded over a century ago by the general manager’s grandfather, and working alongside the founding family has been a one-of-a-kind experience, one that truly sets us apart.”

Lehi Mills will continue to grow and expand greatly over the next few years.

World Grain

With such a large and diverse worldwide readership, World Grain put Lehi Mills in front of many new eyes. World Grain is a highly respected publication and Lehi Mills is honored to in this issue. We hope to be able to continue this relationship in the future and contintue to share updates and news.