On December 20, 2019, Stephanie Evans-Stock, VP of Marketing at KEB Enterprises (Lehi Mills’ parent company) did a Christmas segment highlighting the new vegan products on KUTV’s lifestyle show Fresh Living. The show host Caitlin Hansen and Stephanie Evan-Stock went on air and announced the new vegan mixes. They also talked about some of the renovations, and shared some last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

They discussed the new vegan products, including the Plant-Based Pancake/Waffle Mix, the Plant-Based Brownie Mix, and the Plant-Based Raspberry Muffin mix. During the segment, they mixed up some Plant-Based Pancake mix and cooked some pancakes. The host, Caitlin, highlighted that the mixes are just add water, and said, “The only skill you need is stirring.”

Caitlin and Stephanie also talked about the mill renovation that happened in Fall 2019. The television segment showed footage of painters painting the exterior and silos murals. They highlighted the importance of staying true to the mills’ history while keeping it modern and updated. Stephanie also mentioned the changes to make the mill more environmentally friendly by reducing emissions.

Fresh living is a popular Utah lifestyle show based out of Salt Lake City that airs weekdays at 1pm Mountain Time. The show often features news about locally owned businesses, health and wellness segments, interviews, cooking segments, home décor and DIY projects, and much more. Fresh Living has featured Lehi Mills multiple times throughout the years. In addition, the show has always been supportive of the company’s happenings, new products, and developments.


KUTV, the channel on which Fresh Living airs, continues to support local Utah brands and gives great coverage of them.  Virtual channel 2 is a CBS-affiliated cable station based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, the channel broadcasts throughout the state of Utah and reaches to parts of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming.