Lehi Mills Launching Its First-Ever Vegan Line Of Mixes | The Shelby Report

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The Shelby Report, a grocery news and supermarket insights magazine, showcased Lehi Mills’ new line of vegan mixes just after its launch late December 2019. The Shelby Report specializes in the retail food trade industry in the United States.

The publication shared a detailed article on the new launch. In addition, the magazine shared the three new products, the Plant-Based Pancake/Waffle Mix, the Plant-Based Brownie Mix, and the Plant-Based Raspberry Muffin Mix.

The article highlighted that these mixes are great for anyone who follows a vegan diet, is egg or dairy sensitive, or is looking to add more plant-based foods to his or her diet. In addition, the publication quoted VP of Marketing Stephanie Evans-Stock saying that the plant-based products are mindful of animals, the environment, and your health.

Also, the article mentioned that the products are available for purchase on the company website and on Amazon.

The Shelby Report is a publication that informs manufacturers, wholesalers, and independent and chain stores to help build their businesses. It has been a leader in the retail food trade industry since 1967. As a long running food trade publication, the magazine has a large readership.

The Shelby Report

Though a national publication, The Shelby Report has five regional print and digital editions. In turn, this allows for nationwide coverage as well as more local coverage. This allows regional grocers to learn about others in their area. The Shelby Report covered Lehi Mills’ new vegan line in its West edition, The Shelby Report of the West. This edition covers Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

The Shelby Report is a trusted, reputable source, and Lehi Mills is honored to be featured in the West edition. We look forward to continuing the relationship with them and sharing more Lehi Mills news with them.

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