Lehi Mills Launches National Distribution, New Mixes, and Rebrand | Whole Foods Magazine

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Whole Foods Magazine, the longest-running business to business natural products magazine, featured Lehi Mills’ national launch and rebrand in April. The print and digital magazine offers news on new products and industry trends. Also, the print magazine reaches over 32,000 people and the website has about 66,000 monthly page views.

This publication is an informative resource that targets national grocers, wholesalers, and suppliers. As a leading grocer publication, the magazine’s coverage of Lehi Mills’ national launch and rebrand reached many new faces.

The Whole Foods article highlighted the mills’ history, the national launch, rebrand, two new mixes, and milling practices.  It also mentioned the care that Lehi Mills takes in the quality of its wheat. Lehi Mills works with local farmers and participates in the whole grain flour milling process. Likewise, Lehi Mills engages in the process from when it is planted to the time it arrives at the mill. Also, Whole Foods recognized that Lehi Mills tests each batch of wheat for superior baking quality before it is milled into whole grain flour.

Later, the April 4th article quoted Brock Knight, saying, “At Lehi Mills, we view flour as an ingredient, not as a commodity product… Our high-mountain flour is the first ingredient in all of our mixes and is tested to ensure its superior baking quality. We are excited about the potential growth for Lehi Mills and that families nationwide will get to experience the high-mountain flour difference.”

Whole Foods Magazine

Whole Foods Magazine only covers new, noteworthy products and topics that are relevant to the industry. As a result, Lehi Mills was so excited to be part of this issue. The national magazine has experienced and respected editors, columnists, and writers that make great recommendations that many readers trust. Above all, Lehi Mills looks forward to sharing more new stories with Whole Foods magazine in the future.

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