Delicious and Easy to Use Baking Mixes

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In December 2018, KUTV did a 6-part segment about Lehi Mills on Utah’s popular lifestyle show Fresh Living. Lehi Mills had recently launched its rebranded line of baking mixes and new waffle mix and went on air to share them.

Fresh Living Host Kari Hawker Diaz did an interview with Sherman Robinson, general manager and direct descendant of the original family, and Brock Knight, COO, in the mill. They talked about the new website launch and some of the history of the mill.

In the next segment, Lehi Mills marketing director Stephanie Evans-Stock went on air with Santa and unveiled the new packaging out of Santa’s bag. They talked all about the new fresh look as well as the new waffle mix.

In another segment, Brock walked the Fresh Living hosts through the milling process from start to finish. In the next segment, Stephanie and Brock went on air with the Fresh Living hosts in the kitchen. They cooked up some pancakes, showcased Lehi Mills mixes and also announced the new waffles.

For the last two segments, Stephanie and the Fresh Living hosts were back at the mill. They talked about the mixes and gave some great last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

KUTV Fresh Living

Fresh Living is a Salt Lake City-based popular lifestyle show that airs on KUTV. The program airs weekdays at 1pm Mountain Time on KUTV. The show features locally owned businesses, health and wellness segments, interviews, cooking segments, and much more. Lehi Mills has been on Fresh Living multiple times throughout the years. The lifestyle show has always been supportive of the company’s happenings, new products, and developments.

KUTV, or virtual channel 2, is a CBS-affiliated cable station based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The channel extends its broadcast throughout the state of Utah and reaches to parts of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming.

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