A Lehi Mills Vegan Brownie Mix Buying Guide

There are approximately 2.7 billion vegans in the world currently. And this number keeps growing as more people are starting to notice the effects of dairy and other animal products. Luckily, some brands are catching up and making delicious vegan treats.

Unfortunately, the vegan baking arena still needs some help. But don't fret, we've compiled an in-depth vegan brownie mix guide for you. So get your ovens ready and let's start baking!

Why You Should Use Vegan Brownie Mixes

Choosing a vegan brownie mix instead of a dairy-filled mix is a big step! And if you're not quite sold on vegan desserts, maybe this will convince you.

For starters, dairy can cause bloating, gastric inflammation, diarrhea, and other intestinal problems. Not to mention, many non-vegan brownie mixes are not ethically sourced.

Some may also contain unnecessary fillers and by-products. Although it gets passed by the FDA, some of these products can be linked to illnesses. 

Luckily, the best vegan brownie mix is organic and vegan, so you know everything you're putting into your body! The best part? Lehi Mills vegan brownie mix tastes just like a regular brownie. 

Vegan Substitutes to Know About 

If you're new to the vegan world, you may hear some unfamiliar terms in this article. For starters, a flax egg is made by combining flax seeds and water.

After about 15 minutes, this mixture has a chemical reaction that causes it to turn runny, like an egg. A flax egg can be used for baking or cooking. 

Next, you will hear the words "plant-based" or "vegan milk." This refers to milk made by almonds, cashews, soy, or oats. Lastly, you will hear terms like vegan butter, vegan chocolate, and vegan cocoa powder.  These are all non-dairy options that you can find at your local store or online.

Cooking Times for Vegan Brownies

Many people think that vegan brownies have crazy cooking times and instructions. However, vegan brownies can bake just like regular brownies, with the prep time being very similar to regular brownies!

In some instances, vegan brownies might even be  easier to make because they don't require as many ingredients like eggs or milk!

Taste and Consistency of Vegan Brownies

Many people steer away from vegan baked goods because they think the texture and taste will be off.

But the truth is, vegan brownies can be chewy, decadent, and chocolatey! Want to know what the best part is? Vegan brownies are healthier for you than regular brownies.  

How to Enjoy Vegan Brownies

Vegan brownies are great by themselves, but you can also enhance them! For example, you can pair them with vegan ice cream. We personally recommend eating them when they are still warm inside. Thar way, the warmth of the brownie melts the ice cream.

You can also enjoy them with your favorite vegan whipped cream and a side of coffee. Lastly, a side of fresh strawberries and champagne pair perfectly with vegan brownies.

Diets and Vegan Brownies

If you're on a diet, then you're probably looking for some good alternatives. Although vegan brownies do have sugar in them, they often have fewer calories than regular brownies. This is because vegan brownies do not have any dairy or animal products. 

Lehi Mills vegan brownie mix is also wheat-based; if you want a sweet treat, without compromising your diet, then consider vegan brownies. 

The Best Vegan Brownie Mix Buying Guide

Not all vegan brownie mixes are made the same, so we must differentiate the best from the worst. Keep reading to first learn about the best vegan brownie mixes.

1. Lehi Mills Vegan Brownie Mix

Firstly, we have our Lehi Mills Vegan Brownie Mix. This option is one of the easiest if you enjoy fast and tasty desserts. With this mix, you simply add water and oil. 

After 30 minutes of baking, you'll have bakery-style plant-based brownies for a fraction of the price. This mix is also highly sought after because it's the only brownie mix that is Certified Vegan. If you're not familiar, only certain brands get this certification; to receive it, companies must first pass through some rigorous product testing to ensure the validity of the claims. 

With this certification, you never have to worry about a false advertisement when it comes to Lehi Mills Vegan Brownie Mix.

2. Lehi Mills Whole Wheat Flour 

If you like a challenge and love making everything from scratch, then the Lehi Mills Whole Wheat Flour is for you! Now you may be thinking, how is this a vegan brownie mix?

Well, it's not, but with the right ingredients, you can turn this flour into vegan brownies! All you need are some dairy-free substitutes. For example, vegan chocolate, vegan butter, vanilla extract, plant-based milk, and flax eggs. 

After mixing all these ingredients, you'll have a vegan brownie batter. All that's left to do is to cook and enjoy them!

3. Lehi Mills Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix

Sometimes you have to work with what's in your pantry. So if you have a batch of Lehi Mills Vegan Pancake and Waffle Mix lying around, try this recipe! 

First, you will need to convert this recipe into a vegan-friendly option. So get some vegan butter and melt it into a bowl. Then add some sugar or maple syrup to the melted butter.

After this, you can add in a flax egg, vanilla, vegan cocoa powder, vegan melted chocolate, and the ever-famous Lehi Mills vegan pancake mix. After incorporating these ingredients, you will have a vegan brownie batter that's ready to bake!

Vegan Brownie Mixes to Stay Away From

Unfortunately, there are some vegan brownie mixes that you should stay from; keep reading so you can be fully informed.

1. Non or Falsely Certified Vegan Mixes

As stated earlier, Lehi Mills is the only vegan certified brownie mix currently on the market. However, this may change as more brands become inclusive of different diets. 

Until this happens, it's best to only buy a Certified Vegan brownie mix. This certification ensures that the claims are current. Lastly, if you see a vegan brownie mix that claims to be vegan, carefully inspect the ingredients. 

Sometimes brands will market their products as vegan, but they will have traces or whole amounts of animal products. Although the FDA does allow a small percentage of traces, they could be harmful – especially if you have food allergies!

2. Mixers with Glyphosate

Some U.S. mills still use glyphosate in their products; it's best to stay away from any vegan mixes that use this chemical. If you're not familiar it may cause cancer, especially with high exposures.

3. Mixers That Use Bromated Flour

Bromated flour is another practice you want to stay away from. Products with this flour have potassium bromate. Manufacturers use this unnecessary chemical to toughen the flour so that customers can have a better final product.

4. Semi Vegan Brownie Mixes

Sometimes you'll see a "vegan" brownie mix that has only some dairy or animal products. For example, they may use dried white eggs but not use any milk.  Since it still contains animal products, these types of mixes aren’t conducive to a vegan diet.

5. Accidental Vegan Brownie Mixes

Once in a while, companies will make a product and accidentally make it vegan. Consider different factors when debating a purchase like that. For example, check to see if the mix is organic. Odds are, it may still use other harmful ingredients even if it’s vegan. Not to mention, the final product may not be as high-quality as a Certified Vegan Brownie Mix.

6. Brands with Fake Reviews

Many consumers don't know this, but companies can now buy fake reviews! A good way to know if a review is fake is by looking at the name of the reviewer. Any name that sounds too generic is probably fake. 

Also consider looking at the review itself. Does it seem like it was copied and pasted from a computer? Or does it seem like real customers had a real experience with the product?

You should also look at the negative reviews and investigate what they're saying. Sometimes, one bad review will reveal more about a brand than the brand itself.  

7. Brands with No Knowledge of Vegan Food

Many newer brands are jumping into the vegan world without really knowing much about it. This means it might make mistakes like falsely advertising a product as a vegan option. Luckily, it's easy to tell brands that don't have much knowledge about veganism vs. brands like Lehi Mills. Certified vegan brands have done due diligence and research!

Lehi Mills FAQs

Does Lehi Mills Use Bromated Flour in Their Brownie Mix?

No, Lehi Mills prides itself in not using bromated flour. And every product still performs at its best!

Are Vegan Brownie Mixes Nut Free?

Our vegan brownie mix does not contain any peanuts, cashews, pecans, or almonds. In fact, the facility is 100% nut-free.

However, the mix does contain cocoa powder. So make sure you have no aversions to chocolate before buying this product.

Do Vegan Brownies Need to Be Stored Differently than Regular Brownies?

No, vegan brownies do not need special storing instructions. You can store them in the fridge if you prefer a cool dessert or in a covered dessert tray if you like room-temperature brownies.

Can Vegan Brownies Be Reheated?

Yes, of course! If you enjoy warm and gushy brownies, then by all means reheat them. The composition and taste will not change.

You can do this by adding them to the microwave for 15 seconds or putting them in the oven for 2 minutes. 

Can I Add More Ingredients to My Batter?

Many people love a little crunch or extra chocolate in their brownies. Don't be afraid to add in some vegan chocolate chunks or pecans. You can even add in some fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries.

Does Lehi Mills Brownie Mix Have Glyphosate?

No! Lehi Mills does not use glyphosate in any of its products. In fact, part of our quality standards include sourcing wheat that doesn't have glyphosate.

Can I Use Bread Flour to Bake Brownies?

Bread flour has more protein and gluten. Although you could use bread flour to make brownies, it's not recommended since it would turn out thicker and denser.. The consistency and cook time may also be off if you use bread flour instead of brownie mix.

Are Lehi Mills Brownies Gluten-Free?

No, all of our flour and mixes are milled at the Lehi Mills flour mill. Since it is a fully functioning mill, it is impossible to make gluten-free products at this time.

Where Can I Buy Lehi Mills Products?

Lehi Mills products can be purchased from lehimills.com. Currently, it can only be shipped within the continental United States.  

What Flour Is Used in a Vegan Brownie Mix?

The dry ingredients in vegan brownie mixes are mostly wheat-based. This type of grain is easier to digest and it's heart-healthy. However, it takes a lot of expertise to properly mill wheat.

Luckily, Lehi Mills has formulated a science that helps separate and purify the wheat and each batch of brownie mix is high-quality. Lehi Mills has a close relationship with its farmers to ensure its products have the best wheat quality possible.

The Best Vegan Brownie Mix Does Exist 

Knowing all about the best vegan brownie mix can make a difference when baking. Luckily, after reading this article, you know everything there is to know about the best vegan brownie mixes.

If you have more questions about our products, feel free to contact us!

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  • Sandra I Marchino

    This mix is better than any non-vegan box mix. Best ever mix. I added walnuts. This time I’m doing dried cherries and almonds. Put the dough in holiday shape pans. Can’t wait for them to finish baking. Wish I could attach a picture.

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