Germade: The Secret to the Best Hot Cereal Recipe

You’ve woken up bright and early to prepare a complete, nutritious breakfast. Lately, your stomach has started rumbling almost as soon as you finish washing the dishes — clearly, those sugary marshmallows in your cereal aren’t pulling their weight!

You're wondering if it's possible you can whip something up that will keep you full until lunch. You can! You need something quick and healthy that will keep you satiated and provide you with enough energy to tackle your day. Time to pull out that package of Lehi Mills Germade from the back of your cabinet! 

Germade is a healthy hot cereal that’s ready for its time to shine! You can customize the best-kept breakfast secret with sweet or savory toppings to suit any palate. Your bowl of Germade is sure to keep those mid-morning tummy rumbles at bay! 

The only question is, how do you make it?

We’ve gathered all of the information you need to concoct the warmest and most nourishing bowl of Germade. Read on to learn about our favorite ways to prepare this powerhouse breakfast cereal! 

What Is Germade Breakfast Cereal? 

You might know what Germade is and not even realize it; it goes by several names, including Wheat Farina or Semolina Cereal. 

The grain gets its name from the anatomy of the wheat plant. The germ is another name for the center of a seed, where growth happens. The layer just outside of the wheatgerm is the endosperm. 

Both the wheat plant’s germ and endosperm go into Germade. That’s what helps it to pack such a hearty nutritional punch.

The germ is full of healthy, satiating fats that can help keep you full all day long. It contains Vitamin E, multiple B vitamins, and natural antioxidants. 

The endosperm, too, is full of the nutrients that will help to kickstart your day. Namely, it contains both protein and carbohydrates that help you feel energized and contribute to muscle growth. The high nutritional value makes a whole-grain cereal like Germade such a powerhouse. 

Germade becomes a breakfast cereal when you add it to boiled water and serve it warm. It's kind of like a hearty alternative to oatmeal. Texturally, it’s similar to grits or cream of wheat but with its own unique flavor and nutritional profile.

How to Prepare Germade Cereal

If you’ve never prepared Lehi Mills’ Unflavored Germade before, the following recipes for Germade cereal can get you started. The first step is to learn how to prepare a basic serving of Germade the traditional way. It’s similar in preparation to many other types of hot cereal.

Ingredients for Stovetop Germade

You need very few ingredients to prepare a family serving of Germade on the stovetop. 

  • 4 cups of water, milk, or plant-based milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of Lehi Mills Germade 

Like any hot cereal, you might prefer your Germade to be a specific texture. That might mean using more or less liquid than we recommend. Experiment and tweak this basic recipe over time! 

Preparing Germade on the Stove

Salt your liquid and bring it to a boil. Slowly add your Germade, stirring as you go. Reduce the heat to medium and continue stirring for about three minutes. 

Remove your Germade from the heat and allow it to sit for a few minutes. It will continue cooking until it reaches its final texture. 

Ingredients for Microwave Germade

Although stovetop Germade cooks quickly, some people prefer to prepare it in the microwave. You’ll want to adjust the proportions to ensure that your serving cooks correctly. 

  • 1 cup water, milk, or plant-based milk
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1/4 cup of Lehi Mills Germade

We don’t suggest doubling the recipe when using the microwave method. It tends to overflow! 

Preparing Germade in the Microwave

Combine your liquid, salt, and Germade in a microwave-safe bowl. Choose a bowl that is slightly larger than you think you need. Stir the ingredients well.

Microwave the Germade for 30 seconds at a time, stirring during each pause. It usually takes about four cycles or two minutes. Let the Germade sit for about two more minutes before enjoying it. 

How to Elevate Your Germade 

On its own, Lehi Mills Germade is delicious. If you like flavor, our Maple Brown Sugar and Strawberries & Cream varieties are a great alternative! If you crave more flavor, using your Germade as a canvas is a fun way to elevate your breakfast and enjoy a nutritionally-dense, flavorful meal that never gets old! 

The Germade cereal recipes below offer a few suggestions to get you started with customization. We’re sure you can come up with some incredible combinations of your own! 

Cinnamon Maple Germade

To create this simple but sweet Cinnamon Maple Germade, prepare the Germade as described above, but add cinnamon before cooking. Top it with a generous drizzle of your favorite all-natural maple syrup. Add a few toasted pecan bits for a warm, savory crunch! 

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Germade

Germade is healthy enough that you can add chocolate and still reap the tremendous nutrition benefits! We prefer dark chocolate, but semi-sweet or milk chocolate will also work fine! 

Prepare your Germade as directed above. While it’s hot, stir in some grated dark chocolate or dark chocolate chips. Continue stirring until the chocolate melts and you have incorporated it completely. Top with a generous sprinkle of flakey sea salt. 

Crunchy Almond Butter Germade

The addition of almond butter will make your Germade even more satiating! Prepare your Germade as described above, but top with a tablespoon of almond butter while it’s still hot. Allow it to melt over the top, or stir to incorporate. 

Top your Germade with sliced or slivered almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Blissful Berry Germade

Germade and fresh berries are a match made in heaven! Prepare your Germade as instructed, then stir in a ribbon of your favorite berry jam. Top it with fresh berries and a sprinkle of granola for crunch. 

Make Mornings Nutritious With Lehi Mills Germade

Commercial breakfast cereals might be cute and colorful, but you deserve a breakfast that has the nutrition to help power your day. With a few creative tweaks, your delicious Lehi Mills Germade can be just as cute and colorful as any box on supermarket shelves. The vitamins, protein, and antioxidants in each bite of Germade will keep you full and energized all morning long!

How do you customize your morning bowl of Germade? If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to let us know how you enjoy your Lehi Mills hot cereal, or contact us directly!

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